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Q & A

Why light roasted?

Light roast is considered among many specialty coffee roasters to be the only roasting that can optimize the unique taste in a high-quality green coffee.

1) The green coffee must be of high quality for the coffee to taste good as light roasted.

2) A good light roast has fully developed flavors without burnt tones.

3) Light roasting places higher demands on the roaster because the clean fresh flavors are difficult to develop and are easily burned off.

4) Greater range of flavors. Big difference between coffee and coffee. Light-roasted coffee is often more acidic, but can also have significantly more sweetness. Washed coffee is usually slightly more acidic and natural processed slightly sweeter.

5) In the cup, a light-roasted coffee looks more transparent and often has a fantastic burgundy color and lots of aroma and taste.


What is the optimal water temperature for coffee brewing?

According to our highly unscientific tests, when it comes to pour-over brewing, we have come to the conclusion that 96-degree water generally highlights the flavors in the best way. But this also depends on many other things, such as grind size, brewing methos et.c. We consider each coffee to be unique and "the sweet spot" can vary from coffee to coffee and from brewing method to brewing method.


How long does a roast take?

A roasting of special coffee usually takes about 10-12 minutes? If you let the coffee reach the same temperature but at different speeds, the coffee will have a different character. A faster roasting usually develops clearer acidity and a slower one tends to be sweeter and fuller. That's why it's so exciting to compete in coffee roasting. The coffee can have a very different character depending on who roasts it and how.


Why is coffee grown at high altitude?

Coffea arabica thrives best in a daily average temperature of between 14-19 degrees. This means quite a cool climate. (Swedish summer is actually optimal for coffee cultivation.) But it doesn´t like the cold. One degree below zero for one hour could be enough for an entire plantation to die. It is therefore very risky to grow coffee too far from the equator. At the equator, the seasonal changes are small. At sea level it is too hot for coffea arabica and therefore coffee is grown at high altitudes near the equator where it is reasonably cool and low or no risk of frost.


How long does it take for coffee fruits to ripen?

From blossom to harvest it is between 7-11 months.

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