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Today we used the v60 with the Geisha Las margaritas 26 and it was world class, what a clean and lovely cup!!

/Månz, Djäkne Coffee Bar, Malmö

Totally amazing! When you drink this coffe it gets beyond obvious that there is a difference between coffee and coffee! 馃専馃専馃専


I must say your coffee is one of the best I have tried!







My name is Henrik Arvidsson and I run Blekinge Coffee AB.

As a roaster of specialty coffee, I always strive for the best taste, more knowledge, the best quality and an environmentally friendly treatment of the coffee all the way from the field to your cup. I do coffee tastings, cuppings and workshops for anyone who wants to.

Coffee is harvested at different times of the year in different parts of the world. Every year I look for the best coffee from different countries and try to give the coffee a gentle roasting that optimizes the flavor development. Each roasting is logged with a computer program. Evaluating/cupping each roasted batch and comparing with the roasting profiles give me the opportunity to always develop and become better at roasting coffee.



馃 1st place Swedish Coffe Roasting Champion 2017


4th place World Coffee Roasting Championship 2017, Guangzhou, China


馃 2nd place Swedish Coffe Roasting Championship 2019

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